How to Start a Junk Car Removal Business

How to Start a Junk Car Removal Busines


It is an interesting business to remove the junk cars because this is the business which will never going to end at any cost. Junk car removal is a business, in which you will become your own boss. Every person who wants to buy a new car needs to get rid of their old ones. Now days either it is a town or city, people are in the need to have a junk car business owner who can help them to remove their last and old cars. We are going to explain some ideas and important tips before you start your own junk car removal business. Follow these simple things to make fewer mistakes in your business.

Junk Car Towing

Different Ideas:

There are mainly two ideas you must know in this business-

Buy an old car and sell that car. Many people want to sell their old car for many reasons. You simply buy that car, modify or renovate it either by your own or by professionals and then sell the car to any other buyer or car dealers and make big profits.

Buy an old car and sell only parts of it. Yes! You just need to buy a car and sell the parts of the car which are still in the good condition. It will easily bring you more than the cost you spent to buy the whole car.

Things to remember:

Purchase a tow truck so that you can easily bring the cars to be sold from its place to your place. This investment will be only for one time. You can also buy used tow truck from sale to save some dollars.

Once you started your business, you still need to explore the nearby area to know more about the requirements of the people stay there for removing their old cars.

You also need a place where you can store the cars. It should at least store 20 cars. You can additionally buy a small lot which is big enough to fulfill your requirement. Fill the place with your required tools.

It is not difficult to buy some cars by spending hundreds of dollars but it may difficult to buy an area to establish your business. It is even better to consider a loan or any other finance. It will also assure you that if anything is not going well then you can prevent a big loss of your money.

To save some more money you can learn how to fix a car or hire set of peoples and pay them for fixing your car.

The best part comes here which is to advertise your business by using flyers, brochures, social networking websites and other online/offline tools. People used to search this kind of business in their locality.

Set up a receptionist to pick customers calls and arrange the pickups of cars.

Get some more knowledge related to your business and pricing of different tools, parts and cars etc.

Research more about the similar business that how they have established themselves in the market for competition point of view.


Now you have enough things to understand before you set up your own junk car removal business. Explore more about people’s requirements and expectations, prepare your investment, buy tow car and commercial place, advertise yourself as much as possible and make more dollars from this business.

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